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The FriedrichFiles - Ilya Murometz - Ilya Mourometz

What I know/believe so far:
Grand Baltlysky = Bolshoi Baltisky B = Great Baltic: 1913, transport, trainer, unarmed
Type A: 1 built, trainer, unarmed, 1913
Type B with initial armament: 1914, 7 built
Type B: converted to carry 3 machine guns (where?) and 1,100 lb bomb load by December 1914
Type V with pointed bow
Type V with pointed bow and two pusher propellers: trainer 1915
Type V with stub bow

Type V: 1915, 32/33 built, 3-7 machine guns, 1,150 lb (522 Kg) of bombs
Type D: 1916
Type G: built from late 1915, 30 built, bomber; with four 150 hp RBVZ-6 or two of these engines and two 220 hp Renault engines; bomb-load exceeding 2,200 lb in G-3. The G-3 version had tail gunners.
Type E = Type Ye: bomber, 1917, 7 MG, 800 kg bombs, at least 12 built, 4 engines (220 hp renaults in Ye-1, Argus in others). The E-2 version had tail gunners.

Further notes:
One version had a tail turret.
NEW Prototype called Ilya Mourometz (this is NOT a series machine) with four engines of larger dimensions than the previous aircraft and a completely redesigned fuselage flew on 12th February 1914.

Answers for me ?

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