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The FriedrichFiles - my questions on French ships and aircraft

Chevalier (French torpedo boat 1893) line drawing
Rackoon (French 14-gun sloop, captured in 1801) date of completion
La Royale (French galley, 17th century) any info welcome about her life
Anti-Briton (captured in 1782, became HMS Trimmer) date of completion

Avant-Garde-klasse (Turco, Zouave, Dragon, Grenadier, Lancier) French T-boats, launched 1889-93: dates of commission?
Agile-class (Agile, Bliche, Decouverte [captured 11/03 or 12/1803 by RN, sold 1808]) 8x12pdr carronades, built around 1799, French schooners: dates of commission?
Bonne Marseilles/Beau Marseilles: French lugger, taken 1809 by RN, renamed Defender, 8x12pdr carronades, 65ft length: date of commission?

Who can identify these ships?
wooden lightship stationed on the river Gironde, built in 1896 at BordeauxBordeaux
French 24-gun ship, 17th century
French 44/48?-gun ship, 17th century
French frigate, 18 gun ports, 17th century

Who can identify this polacre rigged xebec privateer, 22 guns, dated 1784, drawn by Jouvin?

Mauviette-class (Alouette II, Bec Figue, Bergeronnette, Caille II, Canard, Chardonneret II, Etourneau, Fauvette II, Grive II, Linotte III, Loriot, Martinet, Martin-Pêcheur [1919 converted to survey ship Alidade], Mauviette [1919 converted to survey ship Astrolabe], Merle II, Moineau II, Ortolan [1920 converted to survey ship Gaston Rivier], Passereau II [fitted as minesweeper], Perruche II [1920 converted to survey ship Sentinelle], Pie II [1920 converted to survey ship Estafette], Pierrot II, Pinson II [1919 converted to survey ship Bousolle], Pivert [1919 converted to survey ship Octant], Roitelet II, Rossignol II, Rouge-Gorge II, Sansonnet) French patrol vessels, completed around 1918, date of commission?

Amiens-class (Amiens [launched 5/19], Calais [launched 11/19], Craonne [launched 1/20], Épernay [launched 9/19], Liévin [launched 3/20], Lunéville [launched 1/20], Montmirail [launched 9/20], Péronne [launched 3/20], Arras [launched 7/18], Dunkerque [launched 7/18, renamed Ypres in 1928], Verdun [launched 11/18, renamed Laffaux in 1928], Baccarat [launched 1/18], Béthune [launched 7/21], Bapaume [launched 8/18], Bar-le-Duc [launched 1918], Coucy [launched 6/19], Épinal [launched 8/19], Les Ésparges [launched 9/19, 1943 dt minesweeper M 6060], Nancy [launched 3/19], Remiremont [launched 7/20], Revigny [launched 9/20], Toul [launched 4/19], Vauquois [launched 8/19], Vimy [launched 12/19], Vitry-le-François [launched 3/20]) French sloops, mostly commissioned 1919-21, when exactly?

Briscard-class (Briscard, Chevronne, Franc-Tireur, Fusilier, Grognard [1922 span. Tetuan], Mathurin, Poilu [1922 span. Larache], Rengage [1922 span. Alcazar], Sapeur, Troupier, Veteran [1920 civil pilot boat], Volontaire, Bombardier [1922 civil tug], Canonier, Mitrailleur, Pionnier) French minesweeping trawlers, date of commission?

Ardent-class (Agile [launched 1916], Ardent [launched 3/16], Inconstant [launched 3/16], Alerte [launched 1916], Courageuse [launched 1916], Espiègle [launched 1916], Audacieuse [launched 1917], Batailleuse [launched 1917], Malicieuse [launched 1916], Railleuse [launched 1916], Tapageuse 1917, Belliqueuse [launched 1916], Dedaigneuse [launched 1916, 1943 ital. FR 56, 1943 dt. minesweeper M 6020], Impetueuse [launched 1917], Boudeuse [launched 1916, Romanian 1920], Eveille [launched 1917], Capricieuse [launched 1916], Emporté [launched 1916], Curieuse [launched 1916], Etourdi [launched 21.3.16], Moqueuse [launched 1916], Sans Souci [launched 1916], Gracieuse [launched 1916]) French gunboats, dates of commission?

Friponne-class/Diligente-class (Bouffonne [launched 1916], Chiffonne [launched 1917, 1920 Romanian Locotenant Lepri Remus], Friponne [launched 1916, 1920 Romanian Locotenant-Commandor Stihi Eugen], Diligente [launched 1916], Engageante [launched 12/16], Impatiente [launched 1916, 1920 Romanian Sublocotenant Ghiculescu], Surveillante [launched 1917]) French gunboats, commissioned from 1917 on, when exactly?

Sans Souci-class:
CONWAYS ALL THE WORLDS FIGHTING SHIPS: (Sans Souci [incomplete, 1943 german Uranus SG 3/SG 1, completed as french survey vessel Beautemps Beaupré], Sans Peur [incomplete, 1942 german Merkur SG 4, completed as french survey vessel La Pérouse], Sans Pareil [incomplete, commissioned 1942 as german gunboat Jupiter SG 1/SG 3, 8/44 burnt], Sans Reproche [incomplete, 1940 german Saturnus SG 2, never completed/1942 completed, 1/44 bombed])
ERICH GRÖNER - DIE DEUTSCHEN KRIEGSSCHIFFE 1815-1945: SG 1 [built as french Sans Peur, commissioned 9.8.42, 1947 french survey vessel Beautemps Beaupré, 1969 Q 456], SG 2 [built as french Sans Reproche, commissioned 7.9.42, 23.9.43 sunk], SG 3 [built as Sans Souci, commissioned 22.11.42, 1944 sunk], SG 4 [built as Sans Pareil, commissioned 2.9.43, 1947 french survey vessel La Perouse] temporarily planned as ASR-ships Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Merkur, later Merkur, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn)
What´s correct?

Marne-class: French sloops, date of commission of Oise [launched 10/17]? When was their armement altered to 4x10,0 cm guns?

Potez 566 T.3: date of first delivery

Eurocopter AS 355 Ecureuil: please have a look
Eurocopter AS 532 and 565: please have a look
Eurocopter/Aerospatiale AS 532A2 Cougar Mk. II RESCO: date of first delivery 1995, 1999 or when?
Eurocopter/Aerospatiale AS 550A2 Fennec: date of first delivery?
Eurocopter/Aerospatiale AS 550C2 Fennec: date of first delivery?
Eurocopter/Aerospatiale AS 550U2: date of first delivery?
Eurocopter/Aerospatiale AS 555AR: date of first delivery, armament?

Can you help ?

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