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The FriedrichFiles - contact adresses wanted

I seek for contact adresses: (e-mail or websites)

1) aircraft manufacturers: esp.
a) Antonow/Antonov Aeronautical Scientific Complex
b) Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corp. HAMC
c) Iljuschin/Ilyushin/Iljushin Design Bureau
d) Mil
Other: +7 095 2649 083
Other: +7 095 2645 571
Office Address
2 Sokolnichevsky Val
107113 MOSCOW

f) Shaanxi Aircraft Company
g) Xi An Aircraft Company (XAC/XIAN)
h) Yakovlev/Yakowlew/Jakovlew/Jakowlew

2) Officials: esp.
a) Chinese defence ministry
b) Chinese navy
c) Chinese air force
d) Russian defence ministry
e) Russian army
f) Russian air force
g) Russian navy
h) Any person/institution (governments, shipbuilders, private persons, navies, air forces, museums [military aviation, civil aviation, naval, maritime, ...], ...) from these countries that is willing and able to provide informations on aircraft, ships or airships (esp. from that country):
- Russia
- Japan
- Ucrainia
- Hungary
- Romania
- Brazil
- China/Hong Kong/Taiwan
- India

Answeres for me?

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