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The FriedrichFiles - These are all Tupolev Tu-95/142-versions I know of:

Tu 20: 1956, see Tu 95 1st series
Tu 95 I: prototype 1952
Tu 95 1st series aka Tu-20 "Bear A": built from 1955; IOC 1957, see Tu-95M
Tu 95K: 1961
Tu-95K-20 "Bear B": 1959; anti-shipping, 1x AS-3 and 4x 2,3 guns (twin mounts)
Tu-95K-22 "Bear G": 2x 2,3 (twin mount); 2x Kh-22 or 1x Kh-20 missile; 1982
Tu-95KD "Bear B": 1961; anti-shipping, 1x AS-3 and 4x 2,3 guns (twin mounts)
Tu-95M: 11340 kg bombs, 6x2,3; first version
Tu 95MR "Bear E": recconnaissance 1964
Tu 95MS-6 "Bear H-6": 2x2,3 (twin mount); 6x AS-15A missiles; 1983
Tu 95RT "Bear D": recconnaissance, missile guidance; 1966
Tu 96: project 1956
Tu 116: civil transport 1958
Tu 142 "Bear F": operational since 1972, 2x2,3 (twin mount); 11343 kg weapon load; anti-submarine
Tu-142A "Bear F Mod. I": 11343 kg weapon load; 1970
Tu 142_ "Bear H": from 1985 with 6xAS-15 ASM
Tu 142M or Tu-142MZ "Bear F Mod. II": anti-submarine 1980; 11343 kg weapon load
Tu 142MR "Bear J": communication links-aircraft; first flight 1977; in service 1986
Tu 142MZ "Bear F Mod. III": 8x Kh-35 = AS-20 "Kayak", what else?; 1993

Did I find all versions?
Who can give me the full weapon load of the Tu-142MZ and the date of entry into service of the Tu 142?

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