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Agusta A 109 M (Hkp 15): will be delivered in ...?

A 109 helicopters for Sweden
By Kathryn Shaw
Agusta SpA, an Agusta Westland company, signed a contract with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) on 20 June 2001 to supply 20 Agusta A 109M military helicopters. The contract is worth over US$110.5 million and initial deliveries are due for next September.
The A 109M, to be designated HK P15 under the Swedish configuration, will be incorporated into the Swedish Armed Forces as a new light utility helicopter system, replacing three older helicopter systems.
The HK P15 will be used mainly as a training helicopter, but will also undertake other missions such as utility, anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue and medical evacuation. The HK P15 will be operated from permanent and field bases, with some of the helicopters equipped for ship-based operations.

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