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The FriedrichFiles - Suchoi Su 27 family

Which Su-27 is this? Itīs rather not the Su-34, Su-27IB, Su-27M, Su-27SK, but maybe the Su-30 or Su-27KUB?
Su-27IB and Su-34 look different
Who can tell me the truth about the Suchoi Su 27IB and the Su 34?

Here are some theories...

1a) Su-27IB: allweather/night ground attack, cancelled in 1991 in favor of the Su-34
8000 or 8200 kg weapon load; 1x 30 mm gun
1b) Su-34: allweather attack aircraft, developped from the Su-27IB (p.e. nose redesigned)
8000 or 8200 kg weapon load; 1x 30 mm gun
first flight of a production aircraft: 12/1993

2) Others say, that the Su-27IB was only another designation of the Su-34, some say both were used simultaneously, some say Su-27IB was used first and later it was called Su-34, some say Su-27IB was used by the manufacturer and Su-34 by the Russian airforce or otherway round. This aircraft was ready for delivery or in production sinve 1996.

Here are some pictures... they indicate there are two versions existing: the Su-27IB and the Su-34:
Su-27IB picture 1
Su-27IB picture 2
Su-27IB picture 3
Su-27IB picture 4
Su-27IB picture 5
Su-27IB drawing
Su-34 picture 1
Su-34 picture 2
Su-34 picture 3
Su-34 picture 4

All Su-27īs I know of:

Su 27 "Flanker A" prototype 1977
Su 27 "Flanker B" in service 1984; 8000 kg weapons; 1x3,0
Su 27A "Flanker A" interceptor
Su 27IB = Su 34 see above, entry into service?
Su 27K = Su 33
Su 27KUB = Su 33UB
Su-27LMK: tested in 1990
Su 27M = Su 35
Su 27M2 = Su 37
Su 27PU = Su-30 see Su-30, entry into service?
Su 27PU = Su-30 1996, interceptor, 8000 kg weapons
Su 27S interceptor, ground attack =?= Su 27P; limited ground attack capabilities - free fall bombs, 100, 250, 500 kg caliber
Su 27SK "Flanker B": interceptor 1992; exportversion of Su 27, 1996 to Vietnam; downgraded avioniks; in China built as Shengyang Jianjiji J-11
Su 27SMK 8000 kg weapons
Su 27UB "Flanker C" 2seattrainer & strike 1986 1x3,0; 8000 kg weapons
Su 27UBK trainer, export (Chinese) version 1987
Su 30 = Su 27PU in service 1996 or 1992? 8000 kg weapons; 1x3,0; two-seat long range interceptor with aerial refuelling capability
Su 30PU two-seat long range interceptor
Su 30K exportversion of Su 30, Ground strike capable low-cost modernization of Su-30 interceptor; for India: 1997 in service
Su-30KN new mision computer; digital cockpit
Su 30M 2seat multi-role fighter; 8000 kg weapons
Su 30MK 1997, multi-role fighter; updated export version of Su 30
Su 30MKI multi-role fighter; export version for India
Su-30MKK export to China in service since when?
Su-32FM =?= Su 32FN (combat tests in Checnya in Jan. 2000)
Su 32FN =?= Su 32FM Strike Flanker strike & recce version of Su 34
Su 33 = Su 27K: IOC 1992 carrierbased "Naval Flanker D"
Su 33UB 2-seat shipborne combat trainer
Su 34 = Su 27IB - Fighter-bomber, replacement for the Su 24 (formerly known as Su-27IB/KU) two-seat ground-attack . First flight 28-Dec-1994. First two are built, 1x30mm cannon. in serial production since 1993 at Novosibirsk delivery expected for 2004/serial production resumed in 1996 ? see above!
Su 35 = Su 27M "Super Flanker": 1992 first flight of production aircraft, 8000 kg weapons; 12 aircraft since 1995 in service with the Russian air force, multi-role fighter about the Su-30 - history of the Su-35 family - history of the Su-30 family

Does anybody have newer/other information, maybe even with some proofs? Does anybody have an e-mail-/web-adress of Suchoi or anybody else, who could help me?

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