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The FriedrichFiles - Dassault Mirage III and Atlas Cheetah

South African Dassault Mirage IIIs:
CZ: 12/1962 to SAAF
BZ: 12/1962 to SAAF
EZ: 1966 to SAAF
DZ: 1966 to SAAF
RZ: 1966 to SAAF
R2Z: 1974 to SAAF

Atlas Cheetah:
R: 1 aircraft converted
D: 1986; converted from Mirage IIIDZ; trainer
E: single-seat version which is derived from the Mirage IIIEZ. 16 Aircraft were converted by Atlas with much the same improvements that were given to the Cheetah-D. The E-version closely resembled IAI's Kfir C.7 . The Cheetah-E's equipped No. 5 Squadron which reformed at the newly constructed Louis Trichardt AFB near the Zimbabwe border on 25 March 1988. The re-equipped No. 5 Squadron had dual roles of air defence and ground attack, with a heavy emphasis placed on the attack role. The Cheetah-E's were retired when No. 5 Squadron disbanded on 2 October 1992 and were then placed in storage.
C: 1993 to No. 2 Sqn. SAAF; converted from Mirage IIICZ; interceptor; 4000 kg ordonance; 2x3,0 cm guns

The aircraft serialled 68 is again a Cheetah-C
The aircraft serialled 65 is also a Cheetah-C
The aircraft serialled 846 is a Cheetah-D
The aircraft serialled 77 is a Cheetah-C
Line drawing

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