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The FriedrichFiles - Russian guard launches of World War 1

guard launch, Russia 1916
This is one of the 18 "Motor Guard/Watch Boats" built by the Ravensk Yard (Odessa). It was 10,2 tons; 13,9 metres x 2,5 x 0,61; steam power; 1 - 47 mm.

guard launch, Russia 1916
This is a "Guard/Watch Motorboat" of the Black Sea Fleet. Designed and built by the firm Ravensk Yard (Odessa) in 1916 to replace the two lost on the Norwegian steamer "Sigurd" during the delivery from the USA of two type "Grinport"cutters. It was 21,4 tons; 19,2 metres x 3,66 x 1,02; 2 benzine motors with 200 h.p., 25 knots. Armament: 1 - 47 mm, 1 M.G. of 7,62 mm.

The unidentified vessels could be p.e. of
BK series (25t; 15,3x3,1x0,8m; 2 shafts; 2 gasoline engines; 200bhp = 10kts; 2 MG; 12 built at Odessa)
No. 511 series (20t; 18,3x3,1x1,2m; 2 shafts; 2 gesoline engines; 250bhp = 12kts; 2 MG; built in USA; assembled at Odessa; many built)
SK series (14t; 24kts; 1x4,7cm gun; 2 MG; 18 and more built at Odessa)

Any additions, identification of these vessels: names/(pennant) numbers, armament, date of entry into service, ... ?

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