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The FriedrichFiles - Raccoon/ Rackoon/ Racoon

What I could read on my copy:
plan by John H. Beale, Bristol 1801
load draught of water afore 7,6
load draught of water abaft 10,0
length on the range of the deck 76,6
keel for tonnage 61,6
breadth molded 20,8 or 20,0
depth in the hold from skin to skin 9,8 or 9,0
burthen of tons 141
The Rackoon - French borvel of 14 guns

One Racoon was a British brigg, captured september, 12th, 1782 by the French frigates LŽAigle and La Gloire.

When was this ship built? When did she make her maiden voyage? When was she commissioned by whom? Any other additions, corrections, information?

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