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The FriedrichFiles - Mil helicopter versions


Mi 26T when delivered? which T-version is this? T, TM, TP, ...?
Mi 8/Mi17 which version is this??
This is not Mi-17MD or Mi-17M.
Mi 8/Mi17 which version is this??
This is not Mi-17MD, Mi-8MT, Mi-8MTO, Mi-8MTV-5, Mi-8AMT(Sh), Mi-17KF, Mi-8TB, Mi-8TBK/TVK.
Mi 8/Mi17 which version is this??
Maybe this is the Mi-8MTV, Mi-8TM, Mi-17.1 (Mi-171), or the Mi-17M
Mi 8/Mi17 Which versions of the Mil Mi 8 Hip are shown here?
The upper Mil is a military version, the other a civil version.
Mi-8MTV (up) and Mi-8P, T or Salon (low)?
They are not: (up) Mi-17M, Mi-17MD, Mi-8MTO, Mi-8TB, Mi-8AMTSh, Mi-8TBK, Mi-8TVK, Mi-17KF, Mi-17TB, and (low) Mi-17MD, Mi-8TB, Mi-8AMTSh, Mi-8TBK, Mi-8TVK, Mi-17KF, Mi-17TB, Mi-17M.

These are all Mil helicopter versions I know something about:

Mi-1 "Hare" 1951
Mi-1U Trainer
Mi-4 "Hound A" 1952
Mi-4 "Hound B" radar under the nose: Anti-submarine andelectronic counter measures
Mi 6 "Hook" 1960
Mi 8: "Hip A" prototype 1961 Mi 8 "Hip B" transport Mi 8 "Hip F" similar to "Hip E" 6 anti-tank-missiles
Mi-8AMTSh modernized, transport and assault chopper. Automatic cannon, aerial rockets, 8 anti-tank missiles "Ataka" ("Shturm" complex)
Mi-8P - passenger transport 1962
Mi-8 Salon - VIP version
Mi-8MT "Hip H" military transport 1981 (= Mi-17) tail rotor port side
Mi-8MTB "Hip H" transport
Mi-8MTPB = Mi-17P
Mi-8MTV "Hip H" transport, is the Mi-8MTV shown in the drawing? or is this a Mi-171...?
Mi-8PPA "Hip K" - , ECM helicopter
Mi 8SMV "Hip J" ECM
Mi 8T "Hip C" fielded in 1961/2?
Mi 8TB "Hip E": 1x 1,27 MG in the nose; 6 rocket pods and 4 Anti-Tank-Missiles; 1975
Mi 8TBK "Hip E" first fielded in GDR, exportversion of the Mi 8TB, 1975; fire support, 1x1,27 MG; 192x5,7 rockets/4 AAM
Mi-8TG - alternate fuel, First flown in 1987. Tests resumed in Aug. 2000
Mi 8TM tactical transport, entry into service? is this the Mi-8TM in the drawing? or a Mi-17.1?
Mi 8VPK "Hip D" tactical transport, comunication relay
Mi-9 "Hip G"- airborne command post
Mi-14PS "Haze A" navalized floating version of Mi-8: ; search and rescue1977
Mi-14BT "Haze B" naval counter-mine helicopter 1977
Mi-14PL "Haze A" anti-submarine helicopter 1976, , 3000 kg weapon load
Mi-17: improved/export ? version of Mi-8MT "Hip H", 1981; tail rotor starboard side
Mi-171 "Hip H" - improved version of Mi-17
Mi-17-1V: fire fighter in Malaya etc.
Mi 17KF: Mi 17MD with western electronics; when delivered?
Mi-17M: is this the Mi-17M? any info on this version?
Mi 17MD = Mi 8MTV5 prototype 1995; 1999 to Ruanda; MGs on the doors; rockets
Mi 17MT: 1977
Mi-17P = Mi-8MTPB developped from "Hip K"
Mi 17TB "Hip H" when delivered? equipped as Mi-8TB
Mi-20: Mi-6 version
Mi-22: Mi-6 version
Mi-24A Hind-A: in service in 1974
Mi-24B Hind-A: not in serial production, when completed?
Mi-24D Hind-D: in service in 1976
Mi-24DU: trainer version of the Mi-24D
Mi-24P: in sevice in 1985
Mi-24U Hind-C: trainer version of the Mi-24A, when in service?
Mi-24VP aka Mi-24PV: serial production from 1989 Mi 26 "Halo": 1983
Mi 26T: when delivered?
Mi-26TP: fire fighter 1999
Mi 28 "Havoc": 1994/96? delivered aka Mi-28A
Mi-28A "Havoc": see Mi-28
Mi-28N "Havoc": All weather day-and-night combat helicopter; 1x3,0 gun; when delivered?
Mi-38: projected competitor to Sikorsky S-92

Who can tell me when Mi-8TM, Mi-17M, Mi-17KF, Mi-17TB, Mi-26TM and Mi-28A/M were delivered?
Who can send photos of them?
Which Mi 26 version is shown in the drawing?

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