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The FriedrichFiles - Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29 "Fulcrum"

All MiG-29 versions I know of:
MiG 29 "Fulcrum A": delivery from 1983
MiG-29K: shipborne fighter: trials completed 1993/ trials 1989, suspended 1992, resumed 1996 ?, not yet in service, offered to India, 1x3,0, 6000 kg weapons
Mig 29KUB: shipborne 2seated trainer
MiG-29M = MiG-33 "Fulcrum E": development stopped in 1989, later resumed, 1995 certified ready for production, delivery from 1996, multi-role fighter
MiG-29NUB: delivery 1995; 3000 kg weapons
Mig 29S "Fulcrum C" 4000 kg weapons; in service since 1991
MiG-29SD: export upgrade of Fulcrum A; as MiG-29N to Malaya; as MiG-29MF or FM to the Philippines?
MiG-29SE: delivered to Malaya in 1992
MiG 29SMT 5/98 presented 1 built
MiG 29UB "Fulcrum B" trainer; in production since 1982


Additions, corrections, updates on the MiG-29 ?

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