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The FriedrichFiles - SEPECAT Jaguar

Sepecat Jaguar A: 5/1972; 2x3,0; 4540 kg weapons; 1seat strike for Armée de l´Air
Jaguar B: (= T. Mk. 2) 2seat trainer for RAF; 1x3,0; 4540 kg weapons; 10/1972 delivered; 1979 for India
Jaguar GR.1 = Jaguar S
Jaguar GR.1A: (Granby modification) attack 1990, navigation upgrade, 2x3,0; 9974lb ordonance
Jaguar GR.1B: (Jaguar 96T = 96 Tiald) 1995
Jaguar GR.3: (Jaguar 96A = 96 Attack; 96R = 96 Recce) 1999, 1seater; 4700 kg weapons; 2x 3,0 guns
Jaguar GR.3A: 1/00 in service (Jaguar 97); 2002 engine upgraded to Adour Mk. 106
Jaguar T.2: trainer 1972, see Jaguar B
Jaguar T.2A: trainer, conversions from 12/1983
Jaguar T.2B: trainer 1995
Jaguar T.4: trainer, 2 seater; 1999 (Jaguar 96)
Jaguar T.4A: designation reserved for Jaguar 97-trainer version
Jaguar E: 1973, 2seat trainer for Armée de l´Air; 2x3,0; 4540 kg weapons
Jaguar IB: delivery to India in 1981
Jaguar IM: delivery to India from 1987
Jaguar IS: delivery to India in 1981
Jaguar S = GR Mk. 1: operational from 1974; 1seater for RAF; 2x3,0; 4540 kg weapons; strike

HAL Shamsher IB: 2seat trainer; latest deliveries from 2001 (updated)
Shamsher IM: single seater; maritime strike
Shamsher IS: single seat ground attack

France: 200
Great Britain: 203
Ecuador: 12
Nigeria: 18
Oman: 24
India (licence built): 85

shown here: single seat tectical support version and two-seat operational trainer
Which Mk. are they? What is their armament? What is their date of entry into service?

The single seater is a GR variant - it has the reconnaissance pod on the centre pylon containing cameras & linescan. The bombs on the inner pylons look like 1000lbs and the outer stores are a Matra chaff/flare dispenser (starboard wing) and and ECM pod (port wing). The over wing weapons are Sidewinders.

The trainer version looks to be carrying a long range fuel tank.

When did which version enter into service?
Which Sepecat designation corresponds to which RAF/French designation?
Which versions carried what armament?

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