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My yahoo account was deleted, so I lost all my yahoo!groups.
So, I founded some new groups in August 2004, hoping they will grow to the standard of their predecessors...
Bell Helicopters
Bell Helicopters and Aircraft: Bell 30, Bell 47, Bell 206, Bell 214, Bell 412, Bell AH-1 Huey Cobra, CV-22 Osprey, H-13 Sioux, HU-1 Iroquois, UH-1N Twin Huey, P-59 Airacomet, P-63 Kingcobra, etc

Chengdu Aircraft
The group to talk about the Chinese aircraft manufacturer Cheng Du Aircraft
Industrial Group Co Ltd and it´s aircraft F-7MG Airguard, F-7MG Skybolt, F-7PG, F-10, FC-1 Xiaolong, etc...

Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica SA - Embraer - Aircraft
EMB-110, C-95 Bandeirante, AT-29, EMB-145, ERJ-135, ERJ-145, Tucano Mk. I and other excellent aircraft.

This is the place to discuss all Eurocopter helis, to share pictures, links, news and information.

Fast Attack Craft
Motor Torpedo Boats, Gunboats, Patrol Craft, Small Boats, RAF Launches, ... The group for all small fighting vessels

Linedrawing collectors exchange group
Share linedrawings, inform of sources, ... Aircraft, Ships, Land vehicles - civil and military

Mil Helicopters
Mil Mi 1 Hare, Mi 2 Hoplite, Mi 4 Hound, Mi 6 Hook, Mi 8 Hip, Mi 10 Harke, Mi 14 Haze, Mi 17 Hip, Mi 24 Hind, Mi 26 Halo, Mi 28 Havoc, Mi 34 Hermit, Mi 35 Hind, Mi 38 and all the other magnificent helicopters...

Military News
Here anyone can share the latest information on newly introduced weapons, commissioned ships and so on...
If you know other newsletters, let us know!

Seamines and landmines and ways to lay and clear them: minelayers, minelaying cruisers, destroyers, motor torpedo boats, minesweepers, ... anti personell mines, anti tank mines, ...

Naval Auxiliaries
This group was founded to discuss ships like tenders, landing craft, repair ships, weather research ships, buoy layers, net layers, tugs, pilot cutters, oilers, water tankers, hospital ships and the other silent helpers of the combat fleets.

Naval escort vessels
Sloops, frigates, destroyer escorts, corvettes, guard ships, patrol craft, trawlers, drifters, KUJ (Kriegs-U-Jäger), KFK (Kriegsfischkutter), ...

New Groups
Share information about new (your ?) webpages, new newsletters, new mailinglists, groups, forums, messageboards etc.

Riverine fighting vessels
River gunboats, minelayers, patrol craft, monitors
Brownwater Navy, Colonial forces

Wooden warships from Ancient Greeks, Romans and others up to the advent of steam and armour with HMS Warrior and La Gloire. Invincible, Trafalgar, Armada, HMS Victory, HMS Duke of Wellington, USS President, USS Constitution, Santissima Trinidad, ...

Sikorsky Helicopters and Aircraft
All about Sikorsky´s aircraft from the Ilya Murometz, through the flying boats to the S-92: CH-3, CH-53 Sea Stallion, CH-54 Tarhe, H-19 Chickasaw, H-37 Mojave, HH-3F Pelican, HH-53C Super 'Jolly Green Giant', HH-60D Night Hawk, HH-60G Pave Hawk, HO4S-3, HRS-1, HSS-1 Seahorse, MH-53E Sea Dragon, MH-60R Strikehawk, RAH-66A Comanche, S-38A, S-64A Skycrane, S-92 Helibus, SH-60F Oceanhawk, UH-60A

Submarine Force
Submarines from Cornelis Drebbel´s boat of 1620 to the nuclear giants of today.

Suchoi aircraft
Suchoi, Sukhoi, Suchoj, Sukkoy, Suchoy
Su-2, Su-7 Fitter, Su-9 Fishpot, Su-9U Maiden, Su-11, Su-15 Flagon, Su-17 Fitter, Su-19 Fencer, Su-20 Fitter, Su-22 Fitter, Su-24 Fencer, Su-25 Frogfoot, Su-27 Flanker, Su-30 Flanker, Su-32 Strike Flanker, Su-33 naval Flanker, Su-34 Flanker, Su-35 Super Flanker, Su-37 Berkut, Su-47 Berkut, ...

Tupolev aircraft
All about Tupolev aircraft.
ANT 3, ANT 6, ANT-7, SB-2, TB-3, Tu-2, Tu-4 Bull, Tu-14 Bosun, Tu-16 Badger, Tu-22 Bliner, Tu-22M Backfire, Tu-95 Bear, Tu 126 „Moss“, Tu 128 „Fiddler“, Tu-134, Tu-142 Bear, Tu-144, Tu-154, Tu-160 Blackjack, Tu-204, Tu-334

Foreign Lists

Do you know other groups or lists I could join or show here?
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