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The FriedrichFiles - Eurocopter (former Aerospatiale, former Sud Aviation) AS 365/565 Dauphin 2/Panther

SA 360C Dauphin: 1972
SA 361H 1973
SA 365 Dauphin 2: Medium-size transport helicopter. Also built for the US Coast Guard as the HH-65 Dolphin. Year: 1979
AS 365C: first flight 1975
SA 365C2
SA 365C3
SA 365F Dauphin 2: first flight 1982, delivered to Chile, France, Saudi-Arabia, Ireland from 1984; 4 missiles
AS 365K Panther: 1988
AS 365M Panther: 1984
AS 365N: first flight 1979
AS 365N1 Dauphin 2: 1981; civil helicopter
AS 365N.2 Dauphin 2: 1990; civil helicopter
AS 365N3 Dauphin 2: civil helicopter, 1998
EC 155: delivered from 1998; former AS 365N4 Dauphin 2 (first flight 1997)
AS 366G-1 HH-65A Dolphin: 1984, USCG

X380: Dauphin Grande vitesse

Harbin Z-9 Haitung: licence version built in China
Z-9A: licence-built version of the AS 365N1 Dauphin for the People's Liberation Army as a troop transport and anti-tank helicopter. Assembly of an initial batch of 50 Z-9's, equivalent to the AS.365N/N1, began in the mid-1980's. The last of these were built as Z-9A's(N1). The current production version, which first flew on 16 January 1992, is the Z-9A-100, which is still not entirely 100% Chinese built. The engines are built under licence by South Power Corporation as the 723-shp (546-kW) WZ-8A.
Z-9B: licence-built version of the AS 365N2 Dauphin
Z-9G: armed with 8 Norinca HJ-8 anti-tank-missiles and 1 twin 2,3 cm gun; export version of the Z-9W

Helibras MH-1: licence version built in Brazil

AS 565 Panther: 1984 delivered to French navy
AS 565AA Panther: armed helicopter
AS 565AB Panther: armed version of the UB
AS 565CA Panther: 8 HOT or 44 rockets: anti-tank-helicopter
AS 565MA Panther: 1993 to French navy
AS 565SA Panther: naval helicopter
AS 565SB Panther: naval shipborne ASW and anti ship helicopter, delivery to UAE in 1994, 2 AST/4 ASM, photo
AS 565UA Panther: transport for 12 troops
AS 565UB Panther: date of first delivery: 1997, transport, unarmed, photo

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