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MY LINK COLLECTION personal ship pages

Let me know, if a link doesn´t work! Send me your URL´s if you want me to add them here!
French page on river gunboats
French page on submarines
Architectura Navalis Mercatoria
List of the Imperial Japanese Navy
List of the Japanese Self Defence Force
alabordache - site lié ā la Marine nationale francaise
Dutch naval unofficial website about navies worldwide
Japanese aircraft and ship modeling
TON class minesweepers
FAS - Rest-of-World Ships
Combatant Craft of America
Special Operations Site
Special Forces Units
La Regia Marina in WW2
Solino Blu - Navy History and Sailor's Stories
Maritime Global Net
U.S. Navy Special Boat Units
Uncle D´s cabin
Provider of ship photos from Stavanger, Norway
Marinas del Mundo: China
Marynarka Wojenna RP - Polish Navy (In Polish)
Preserve the HMVS Cerberus
HMS Pozarica and convoi PQ 17
Adventure Sailing - Tall Ships and Tall Ship Travelling
HMS Victory Page
The Army, Navy and Airforce Discussion Forum
PRINZ - the Kriegsmarine Online Photo Archive
HMS Trincomalee 1817 - the Classic British Frigate, Hartlepool
Regia Marina Italiana
Home Page of Combatant Craft of America
HMS Vanguard page
HMS Hood
Royal Netherlands Navy Warships of WWII
Russian Navy
Canadian Ship List
PT boats dates of commission
US Navy Armed Guard WWII
German SAR cutters
Crew recruitment service for tall ships, traditional boats and classic yachts
Histoire et Figurines
Lists of historic vessels
Royal Navy During the Napoleonic Era
unofficial site (in english) of the Armada Argentina
Navybooks - Book shop
Naval technology
Bluejacket - Navy page
Cullercoats Lifeboat Station Website
Llandudno Lifeboat Station
Mac´s Navy links
Gary Tate's Homepage
Naval & Aviation Art
The Imperial Japanese Navy
Italian Navy homepage with further links
WWII Cruiser operations
WWI naval combat
Ivar Knutsen´s maritime images
Dutch submarines
French Marine Nationale and Aeronavale
PT boat drawings
Finnish Navy in World War I
German naval vessels
Canadian ships
US tugs from Adam and Eve until today
Hazegray DANFS
Unofficial RAN site
The Ship List (1800-1900)
Spanish Civil War Navies
Välkommen till Ålands Sjöfartsmuseum
Sailing ships index by Lars Bruzelius
WWII US Forces
Advanced Japanese Destroyers of World War II
Naval Technology
LST photo archive
PTF Patrol Torpedo Fast - The "Nasty Class" Fighting Boat
Histoire de la flotte francaise
Links on Vietn Nam riverine warfare
US Navy Warship Photo Collection
The Greek Navy in WWII
British Sailing ships
John Beech's Austro-Hungarian Navy Homepage
Imperial German Navy in World War I
Keep them Landing - Dutch landing craft page
Ron Martini's Navy Submarine Base with lots of links
Elder´s naval postcards
HM Ships from Jane's Fighting Ships - 1919
ICS MMT - Drawings of warships
Unterseebootwaffe - blueprints of aircraft and ships
T2 Tanker page Resources: vessels & submarines
MilitaryGroups US Navy
World War 1 Naval Combat
The United States Navy in the Pacific War 1941 - 1945
The Dreadnought Project - Kriegsschiffelexikon im Internet
Die deutsche Marine und ihre Geschichte
Naval Links Catalog (in Russian)
The State of the Russian Navy
old sailing ships
The history of Russian Navy shipbuilding
The Ships of Russia - History of the Russian Navy.
Russian battleship page
Russian Ships - Catalog
Sails and sailing vessels
Encyclopedia of Russian ships and weapons
Den Danske Flåde 1860-1990
Sailors message exchange
Modelers to Modelers Modelers List Board
Danish Naval History 1801-2001
Soviet submarines, small combat craft, auxiliaries, etc; in Russian
Norwegian 26th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron
Royal Netherlands Navy Warships of World War II
Page for Merchant Ship Historians and Ship Photo Enthusiast
K-141 (Soviet submarine)
Russian/Soviet submarines
As extracted from Jane's Fighting Ships for 1919
KOMMANDOBRYGGAN - Swedish webpage on Swedish shipping
British submarines since 1901
Royal Navy Submarines
Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy 1906 - 2004
Les sous-marins Francais
Japan - Imperial Japanese Navy
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