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MY LINK COLLECTION official navy websites

Let me know, if a link doesnīt work! Send me your URLīs if you want me to add them here!
target="_blank">Finnish Maritime Administration
US Naval Vessel Register
The US Navy Fact File
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping - The Highest Standards In Ship Safety
sample of the US Naval Institute Military Database
Marinha do Brasil
Chilean Navy
Canadian Navy - Maritime Forces Pacific
Dutch Navy
All Hands - January 2001 - Naval Ships
US Naval History Center
USCG vessels
The RN Newspaper
French Navy (French language)
Portugese navy official homepage
Spanish navy official homepage
Royal Navy
US Navy
US Coast Guard
Australian navy official homepage
Indian navy official homepage
ROKN - Republic of Korea Navy (South Korean navy)
La Prefectura Naval Argentina
Armada Argentina
Thailand - Royal Thai Navy
Taiwan - Ministry of National Defense
Republic of China (Taiwan) Naval Academy Official Homepage
Royal New Zealand Navy Official Homepage
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