The FriedrichFiles - Early Torpedo Launches identification

developped in 1906 by Fiat-Muggiano at La Spezia for liason, landing and shipborne torpedo-attack.
armament: 1x4,7cm gun; 2x35.56cm TTīs; 2 Maxim-MGs
dimensions: 12,25m x 2,7m x 0,66m
displacement: 8,4t with armament
speed: (80hp) 16kts
fate: acquired by Italian navy

German steam launch with bow TT and gun
dimensions: 16m x 3,12m x 1,52m
displacement: 16t
speed: 12kts
in German Imperial Navy called: Dampfbarkasse
based aboard battleships

built by Yarrow at Poplar in 1906/07
armament: 1x4,7cm gun; 1x45,72cm TT
dimensions: 18,25m x 2,8m
displacement: 8t
propulsion: (300hp) 26,15kts; range 300sm
fate: sold to Russia (?)

Can you tell me names/designations/... of these craft ?

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