Hi, my name is Friedrich Kappes, I am German. I own some books on ships, aircraft, airships, helicopters etc. and try to fill gaps of these books.
Please visit my homepage for further info on my books etc.
I also searched through all search engines I know, but this takes a lot of time and nerves to visit hundreds of pages to discover they have only the information everybody has. So search engines are only used if I seek a common item and if I have at least 3 hours for that. By now, the information I seek get harder and harder to find, only the rare data survive...
So I HAVE TO try other ways, p.e. asking you. For instance: wich books are worth loaning or even buying?
I have listed all my questions and some other information here, so this is not only a side asking for help, but also offering what I found on the net.

I added a aircraft data base and a ship data base as pdf, having copied the information from my various books into my computer.

If I seek a line drawing , I mean a 3-view-drawing, side view, plan 3 vues, Seitenriss, Umrisszeichnung, Profilzeichnung, scale drawing, three-view, cutaway drawing, admirality plan, Dreiseitenriss, Längsschnittplan, Takelplan, Seitenprofil, Schiffsskizze, streg tegning, lines plan, spanterids, body plan, Skizze in 1:1250, 1:1500, 1:625, 1:2000, 1:1000, senga, ...
How do you call "linedrawings" in Danish, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Chinese, Swedish, Rumanian, Norwegian, Finnish, Korean, Italian...?

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