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The FriedrichFiles - questions indexed by country

Argentina (in English, en inglés; in Spanish, en español)
Austria (in English) - Österreich (auf Deutsch)
Brasil (in Portuguese, em Português) - Brazil (in English)
Canada (in English, in French; en anglais, en francais)
Chile (in English, en inglés; in Spanish, en español)
China (in English)
Czechoslovakia/Czechia (in English, in Czech; do Anglicky , do Cech)
Denmark (in English, i Engelsk) - Danmark (i Dansk)
Germany (in English) - Deutschland (in German, auf deutsch)
France (in English) - France (in French, en francais)
Hungary (in English) - Magyarorszag
India - HAL aircraft (in English), India - ships (in English)
Iran (in English)
Italy (in English) - Italia (in Italian, in italiano)
Japan - Nippon (in English)
Liberia (in English)
Netherlands (in English) - Nederland (in Dutch, ter Nederlands)
Norway (in English) - Norge (in Norvegian, in Norwegian)
Poland (in English) - Polska (W Jêzyku polskim)
Portugal (in Portuguese, em Português, in English)
Romania (in English)
Russia/Soviet Union (in English)
South Africa (in English)
South Korea (in English)
Spain (in English) - Espana (in Spanish, en espanol)
Sweden (in English) - Sverige
Switzerland - Schweiz - La Suisse - Svizzera (in English, auf deutsch, en francais, in italiano)
Ukraine (in English)
United Kingdom (in English)
United States of America (in English)

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