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  1. Admirality Drifters: 91 wooden launched 1918-20, 100 Canadian built CD.1-CD.100; 123 steel launched 1917-20; 48 cancelled; dates of commission?
  2. Adriatic: date of commission?, launched 7.4.1856, paddle passenger liner
  3. Adzigiolskij: Russian light ship about 1885: date of commission
  4. Agile-class (Agile, Bliche, Decouverte [captured 11/03 or 12/1803 by RN, sold 1808]) 8x12pdr carronades, built around 1799, French schooners: dates of commission?
  5. Alarm: 8x12pdr, hired lugger, 1810 an RN, 1811 to customs, date of commission?
  6. Avant-Garde-klasse (Turco, Zouave, Dragon, Grenadier, Lancier) French T-boats, launched 1889-93: dates of commission?
  7. Basset-class (Lucknow [RIN]) trawler, launched 3. April 1942, served with the Royal Indian Navy, when commissioned/completed?
  8. Bonne Marseilles/Beau Marseilles: French lugger, taken 1809 by RN, renamed Defender, 8x12pdr carronades, 65ft length: date of commission?
  9. Britannia (purchased in 1781 as armed store ship (20 guns, 6 swivels), length: 114 ft) date of completion
  10. Capitan Constantin Dumitrescu class (Soviet/Romanian built T 301 class minesweepers): armament and other questions...
  11. Castle type Admirality trawlers: WWI, dates of commission?
  12. Colier: British coal transport, date of commission?
  13. Commissioner Hamilton´s Gunboats: British gunboats, built in 3 batches, dates of commission?
    first batch: 2x18pdr, 1x18pdr carronade, six built in frame 1805 and sent to Gibraltar
    second batch: ordered in 1808, 2x24pdr
    third batch: as first batch, ordered 12/1808
  14. Dalmazia: date of completion
  15. Dragon: mercantile cutter, purchased spring 1782 by RN, sold 1785, 10x4pdr, 10 swivels, date of commission?
  16. Duke William (purchased in 1763, lost on Oct. 5th, 1768) date of completion
  17. Fly (British cutter, purchased in 1763 by the Royal Navy, sold in 1771, 4x 3pdr, 12 swivels, 15,7x 6,36x 2,47 m, 78 34/94 tons) completed in ?
  18. Garland [launched 4/13, proposed to be renamed Kenwulf, Parsons special] British destroyer, 1913 K-class, Acasta-class: date of commission?
  19. Grand Isle: oil bore ship, date of commission?
  20. Hamburg (later renamed Maksim Gorkij, passenger ship): date of commission/maiden voyage
  21. John T. Essberger, Hermann Ritter, Wilhelm Kaisen (German SAR-cutters, 1975-78) line drawing of her daughter boats Elsa, Wanda, Helene
  22. Mariupol ex-Ion C. Bratianu (Soviet ex Rumanian river monitor) since when did it carry the 1944-armament? What did it carry as armament then and where was it positioned?
  23. Mersey type Admirality trawler: WWI, 1x12pdr, dates of commission?
  24. Ministro Zenteno: date of commission?, Chilean cruiser launched 2/1896
  25. Nura (Liberian rotator-ship 1982 - only projected or rebuilt 1984-88, chemical transport) date of conversion to a rotator ship
  26. Who knows the date of maiden voyage of the passenger ship Patris II., built in 1926 as Byron Line steamer, sold in 1935 to the Swedish Lloyd, acquired by Swedish navy in 1940, renamed Patricia, converted in 1941 to a submarine tender?
  27. Petr i Pavel (Russian ship, about 1700) date of commission?
  28. PN 31 - PN 33 (Hungarian river gunboats) date of entry into service
  29. Rackoon (French 14-gun sloop, captured in 1801) date of completion
  30. Rio de Janeiro Maru: Japanese merchant, launched 1930, later submarine supply ship: date of commission/maiden voyage
  31. Royale, La (French galley, 17th century) any info welcome about her life
  32. Santa Margarita: Spanish frigate, launched 1774, 40x8pdr/later? 26x12pdr, 10x6pdr + 8x18pdr carronades, taken in 11/1779 by RN, sold 1836: date of commission
  33. SR-4: is she the same as SR.N4 and SR-N-4 Mk. 2? differences? when put into service?
    SR-4 commissioned 1969; SR.N4 Princess margaret commissioned 8/1968; SR.N4 Princess Anne; SR.N4 Mk.II Swift commissioned 12/1968; SR.N4 Mk.II Sure; SR.N4 Mk.II Sir Christopher; SR.N4 Mk.II The Prince of Wales; SR.N4 Mk.II Mountbatten
  34. Stanislav: Russian lightship around 1890: date of commission
  35. Stella Polaris: tourist cruising liner; date of commission?
  36. Takasago Maru: Japanese merchant, launched 1936, hospital ship WWII: date of commission/maiden voyage
  37. TB 17 [launched 12/1907] Cricket-class: British torpedo craft, date of commission?
  38. Todva/Tadva = "Soldek" = Project V-30/1 (Russian repairship ~1954) date of commission
  39. Trimmer (ex US/French cutter/brig sloop Anti-Briton, captured in 1782 by HMS Stag, 1798 temporary fireship, sold in 1801) date of completion
  40. Tuzhong: (Chinese tug class) date of entry into service
  41. VD 141 - 148 (Soviet/Polish TR 40 type, 1950s/60s) Romanian minesweeper: date of entry into service
  42. Viking: date of commission?, Norwegian gunboat/cruiser, launched 2.4.1891, 1903 rebuilt
  43. Yasukuni Maru: Japanese merchant, launched 1930, later submarine supply ship: date of commission/maiden voyage
  44. Zhelezniakov (Soviet river gunboat) Is this the original condition? If not, since when did she looked like this?
  45. Russian guard launches of WWI: questions
  46. Who can help: I seek the dates of delivery of these USN-craft:
    - MATC (Mini Armored Troop Carrier)
    - PCMM Mk. 5 (built by Tacoma, 30m length, 44 kts)
    - Patrol Boat Mk. 4
  47. Who can tell me when the South Korean patrol craft Chebi 51 - 89 = PK 151 - 189 "Sea Fox"/"Sea Hawk" went into service and where to find pictures of them? I also search for such info on the "Sea Whale" and "Sea Dolphin" classes.
How to contact the builder of the ships? How to contact the user of the ships? Do you know other sources on these subjects?
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Aircraft (fixed and rotary wing)
  1. AgustaWestland EH.101 Heliliner: date of first delivery
  2. Antonov An-2 with skies: date of first delivery
  3. Antonov An-74T-300: date of first delivery
  4. Antonov An-74 „Coaler B“: date of first delivery
  5. Avia B.222: date of first delivery
  6. Avia B.322: date of first delivery
  7. Avia BH.3: date of first delivery
  8. Avia BH.10: date of first delivery
  9. Bombardier BD-100 Continental (renamed Challenger 300): date of first delivery
  10. CASA 223 Flamingo ex MBB 223 Flamingo, ex SIAT 223 Flamingo: date of first delivery
  11. Erla Me 5: date of first delivery
  12. Embraer A-29 (single seater): date of first delivery
  13. Eurocopter questions: please see here
  14. Fokker V-1: date of first delivery
  15. Grunau Baby GB IIb: date of first delivery
  16. HAL HJT-36, LCA Tejas: see here
  17. Harbin Y-12I, Y-12II, Y-12III: date of first delivery & photos
  18. Hordern-Richmond Autoplane: date of first delivery
  19. Hutter H-17: date of first delivery
  20. IAC Shahed 274: date of first delivery
  21. Iran Research/OWJ JT2-2 Tazarve (trainer, prototype´s first flight 2000; Iran Research Institute - OWJ Industrial Complex) date of first delivery
  22. Kamov Ka-60/62: date of first delivery
  23. Kamov Ka-226: date of first delivery
  24. Kazan Ansat: date of first delivery
  25. LET L23 Blanik: date of first delivery
  26. LET 200D Morava: date of first delivery
  27. Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29 family (MiG-29K, MiG-AT and others): any news? photos?
  28. Mil Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24, Mi-28 versions: questions
  29. Mil Mi-26T/TM Halo versions: questions
  30. Potez 566 T.3: date of first delivery
  31. Potez 568: date of first delivery
  32. PZL-130TC: date of first delivery
  33. PZL Swidnik Kania/Kitty Hawk: date of first delivery
  34. Short S.3 Springbok I: armament (bomb load)
  35. Short S.3a Springbok II: armament (bomb load)
  36. Short S.A.1 Sturgeon P.R.1: date of first delivery
  37. Suchoi Su-17UM-2D Fitter-E: entry into service
  38. Suchoi Su-27 family: any news? photos/dates of entry into service of her versions?
  39. Technoavia SMG-92 Turbo Finest: date of first delivery
  40. Tupolev questions: please see here
  41. Westland Lynx AH Mk. 1C: AH Mk 1 with TOW, all weather, is this the same as Lynx AH Mk. 1 GT (AH Mk1 with TOW and GEM 42-1 (1135 hp) engines) ?
  42. Wolfsberg Raven 257: date of first delivery
  43. XAC Yun-7-100A: date of first delivery
  44. Zlin 50L: date of first delivery
  45. Zlin 42M: date of first delivery
How to contact users of these aircraft? How to contact the manufacturer of these aircraft? Do you know other sources on these subjects?
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Airships (rigid, semi-rigid and non-rigid [Blimps])
  1. ZP2N-1 = ZPG-1 (US Navy blimps, 1950s) line drawing
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