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The FriedrichFiles - Suchoi Su 25 family

Su-39, latest Su-25 version
Su 25 versions:

Su-25 (Frogfoot A): Original production ground attack aircraft with R-95 engines
Su-25K: Export version of Su-25
Su-25UB (Frogfoot B): (UB - Uchebno-Boevoi, Combat Trainer) Two-seat combat trainer
Su-25UBK: Export version of Su-25UB
Su-25UBP: Naval trainer based on Su-25UB Su-25UT (Frogfoot B): (UT - Uchebno-Trenirovochnyi, Trainer) Unarmed primary trainer (sometimes referred to as Su-28)
Su-25UTG (Frogfoot B): (UTG - Uchebno-Trenirovochnyi Gakovyi, Trainer Naval) Naval trainer based on Su-25UT
Su-25BM: Enhanced ground attack aircraft with R-195 engines, the most numerous in Russian service
Su-25T = Su 39: (Su-25TM Tankovyi Modifitsirovannyi, Antitank) enhanced version with more armour, improved sensors, and possibly a new gun and engines [Su-25T's production designation is Su-39]
Su-25TK: Proposed export version of Su-25T

Does anybody have newer/other information, maybe even with some proofs? Does anybody have an e-mail-/web-adress of Suchoi or anybody else, who could help me?

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