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The FriedrichFiles - My questions on British ships and aircraft

Who can answer these questions?

Albacore, Bonetta (British destroyers 1907, B-class) line drawings
Hastings, Hindustan, Indus (British corvettes 1930s) line drawings
Britannia (purchased in 1781 as armed store ship (20 guns, 6 swivels), length: 114 ft) date of completion
Duke William (purchased in 1763) date of completion
Enterprise (1926, Brit. cruiser) line drawing (of her original condition without the catapult!!!)
Fly (cutter, purchased in 1763 by the Royal Navy, sold 1771, 4x 3pdr/12 swivels, 78 34/94 tons, 15,7x 6,36x 2,47 m) completed in ?
Hecla (British torpedoboat-mothership 1878) line drawing
Kangaroo, Myrmidon, Syren (British destroyer 1901, B-class) line drawing
LCA with forward coxwain position in production since ? (p.e. as LCA.365)
Medway, Resource, Maidstone (British tenders 1930s) line drawings
Nymphen: Danish, 7.9.1807 captured incomplete by RN, sold 1816, 26x18pdr, 12x32pdr carronades, 2x9pdr + 2x32pdr carronades: date of commission
Oppossum (destroyer 1896) line drawing
Protector (British netlayer 1937) line drawing
Rackoon (French 14-gun sloop, captured in 1801) date of completion
Ranger (destroyer 1896) line drawing
Sunfish, Salmon, Snapper (British destroyers 1896) line drawing
Trimmer (ex US/French Anti-Briton, captured in 1782) date of completion
Vulcan (British torpedoboat-mothership 1889) line drawing
line drawings of British helicopter commando carrier conversions of WWII aircraft carriers

Adriatic: date of commission?, launched 7.4.1856, paddle passenger liner
Dragon: mercantile cutter, purchased spring 1782 by RN, sold 1785, 10x4pdr, 10 swivels, date of commission?
Acasta-class: Garland [launched 4/13, proposed to be renamed Kenwulf, Parsons special]) British destroyer, 1913 K-class: date of commission?
Alarm: 8x12pdr, hired lugger, 1810 an RN, 1811 to customs, date of commission?
Cricket-class: TB 17 [launched 12/1907] British torpedo craft, date of commission?

Commissioner Hamiltonīs Gunboats: British gunboats, built in 3 batches, dates of commission?
first batch: 2x18pdr, 1x18pdr carronade, six built in frame 1805 and sent to Gibraltar
second batch: ordered in 1808, 2x24pdr
third batch: as first batch, ordered 12/1808

SR-4: is she the same as SR.N4 and SR-N-4 Mk. 2? differences? when put into service?

Colier: British coal transport, date of commission?
Mersey type Admirality trawler: WWI, 1x12pdr, dates of commission?
Castle type Admirality trawler: 1x12pdr, WWI, dates of commission?
Admirality Drifters: wooden, 91 launched 1918-20, 100 Canadian built CD.1-CD.100; 123 steel launched 1917-20; 48 cancelled; dates of commission?

Lucknow [RIN]: Basset-class trawlers, launched 1941-44, served with the Royal Indian Navy

Blackburn Iris I, II (N 185), IV (photos are welcome, too)
Raytheon Hawker Horizon: date of first delivery
Short S.3 Springbok I: armament (bomb load)
Short S.3a Springbok II: armament (bomb load)
Short S.A.1 Sturgeon P.R.1: date of first delivery
Westland Lynx AH Mk. 1C: AH Mk 1 with TOW, all weather is this the same as Lynx AH Mk. 1 GT (AH Mk1 with TOW and GEM 42-1 (1135 hp) engines) ?

Can anybody identify these British ships ?

Can anybody identify this British sloop of the 1930s?
Shoreham-class (Shoreham, Bideford, Fowey, Rochester, Dundee, Falmouth, Milford, Weston), Hastings-class (Hastings, Folkstone, Penzance, Scarborough), Hindustan or Bridgewater-class (Bridgewater, Sandwich - rather not)

Is this the 1930s British destroyer A-class, B-class, C-class, D-class or the destroyer leader Kempenfelt or Duncan?
A: Acasta, Achates, Acheron, Active, Antelope, Anthony, Ardent, Arrow [no]
B: (leader) Keith, Basilisk, Beagle, Blanche, Boadicea, Bores, Brazen, Brilliant, Bulldog [no]
C: (leader Kempenfelt [HMCS Assiniboine]), Comet [HMCS Restigouche], Crescent [HMCS Fraser], Crusader [HMCS Ottawa], Cygnet [HMCS Saint Laurent] [maybe]
D: (leader Duncan), Dainty, Daring, Decoy, Defender, Delight, Diamond, Diana, Duchess
The presence of the 3 inch HA gun between the funnels means this drawing would be either the C or D class. All the C class and their leaders and half the D class and DUNCAN (not in DAINTY, DECOY, DELIGHT, DUCHESS) carried a 3 inch HA gun as built later removed in the C class probably as transferred to Canadian service.
Kempenfelt [HMCS Assiniboine] looks quite similar on photos...

Is this HMS Ark Royal or HMS Eagle? When did she look like this?
Seems to be the Eagle about 1957

Answers for me ?

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