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The FriedrichFiles - My questions on Russian/Soviet ships, aircraft and helicopters

Who can answer these questions?

Riga-class (frigates of the 1950s, project 50) Any information on the shown versions?

Project 78 (cruiser/training ship, 1920-1950 built) Any information on this?

Maksim Gorkij ex Hamburg: date of commission/maiden voyage

Stanislav: Russian lightship around 1890: date of commission

Adzigiolskij: Russian light ship about 1885: date of commission

Mariupol ex-Ion C. Bratianu (Soviet ex Rumanian river monitor) since when did she carry the 1944-armament? What did she carry as armament then?

Todva/Tadva = "Soldek" = Project V-30/1 (Russian repairship ~1954) date of commission
6 ships built in 1954-58: Tadva or Todva, Smolensk, Inza, Vitegra, Kalar, Zangezur
repair ships
NATO code name: SOLDEK
Project: V-30/1
armament: 6x 5,7 cm (twin mounts)
speed: 10,4 kts

Russian/Soviet river monitors/gun boats: Where can I find line drawings?

VD 141 - 148: date of entry into service
minesweeper, Soviet TR 40-type, purchased in 1955-60 in Poland, completed by 1960 in Romania

Zhelezniakov (Soviet river gunboat) Is this the original condition? If not, since when did she looked like this?

Who can tell me something about this Russian ship of the line, built 1766?? Name: Tri Hierarches ?

Who can identify this Russian floating battery (project?)?
"Armed floating battery, Russia 1865"
length: about 60 metres

Who can tell me something about this Russian gunboat/battery/...?
"Armed floating battery, not self-propelled, Russia 1905"
length: about 70 metres

Kamov Ka-60/62: date of first delivery
Kamov Ka-226: date of first delivery

Kazan Ansat: date of first delivery

Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29 versions: any information?

Mil Mi 8/17/24/26/28: questions

Suchoi Su-17UM-2(D) Fitter-E: entry into service
Suchoi Su-27/Su-30/Su-34/Su-35 versions: any information?

Technoavia SMG-92 Turbo Finest: date of first delivery

my questions on Tupolev aircraft

Please visit this page on Russian guard launches.

To see this page in Russian: Online translator.

Answers for me ?

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