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The FriedrichFiles - Indian ships.

Could somebody tell me the dates of commission of these Basset-class trawlers, launched 1941-44, that served with the Royal Indian Navy ?
Karachi [RIN], Lucknow [RIN], Ahmedabad [RIN], Cochin [ex Multon, RIN], Cuttack [RIN], Rampur [ex Barisal, RIN], Shilong [RIN], Amritsar [RIN], Madura [RIN], Poona [RIN], Travancore [RIN], Agra [RIN], Berar [RIN], Calcutta [RIN], Patna [RIN], Multan [ex Cochin, ex Koloba, RIN], Baroda [RIN], Lahore [RIN], Nasil [RIN]

Answers/photos for me ?

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