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The FriedrichFiles - aircraft built by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

HAL HJT-36: date of first delivery

HAL LCA: date of first delivery

HAL Shamsher (licence built SEPECAT/BAe Jaguar):
IS: Single seater, low-level attack aircraft.
IM: Single seater, maritime attack aircraft.
IB: Dual seater, used for training purposes.

Avionics: BAe-built Jaguars have the NAVWASS (NAVigation and Weapon-Aiming Sub-System) avionics suite, while HAL-built Jaguars have the more modern DARIN (Display Attack and Ranging Inertial Navigation) avionics suite which features a wide field-of-view Smiths (GEC Avionics) Type 1301 HUDWAC (Head-Up Display & Weapon Aiming Computer), a GEC-Ferranti COMED 2045 (Combined Map & Electronic Display), a SAGEM ULISS 82 INS and a LRMTS (Laser Ranger and Marked Target Seeker). The system also includes locally-designed IFF, ADF, radar altimeter, V/UHF and HF/SSB equipment. HAL-built Jaguars also have the MIL-STD-1553B digital databus, allowing for the fitting of a wide range of new weapons and systems.
The maritime attack variant, the Jaguar IM, has a nose-mounted Agave radar. The radar display is presented either in the head-up display (HUD) or in the normal COMED display. The radar, which is capable of air-to-air operations but optimised for maritime air-to-surface operations, scans through 140 in azimuth and through 6 or 12 in elevation (from a 60 arc).

Engine: HAL-built Jaguars are powered with the RT172-58 Adour Mk.811 turbofans, each rated at 8400 lbs. of maximum thrust. BAe-built Jaguars were initially powered with two Adour 804E turbofans.

Armament: Two 30mm Aden guns with 150 rds of ammunition in the single seater and one 30mm Aden gun on the port side fitted in the trainer. The Jaguar IS carries a variety of un-guided ordnance such as the AS-30L ASM, Hunting BL755 CBUs (cluster bomb units), RAF-type slick and retarded 1000 lb (454 kg) bombs, Matra Durandal anti-runway bombs, Lepus 8in reconnaissance flares and Matra F1 and 155 (SNEB) rocket pods. The Jaguar IS also carries two Magic-II missiles over the wing, for protection from enemy interceptors. The aircraft is also suited to carry a tactical nuclear payload. The Jaguar IM use the Sea Eagle AShM for maritime strike.

Maximum External Stores Load: 4763 kg = 10,500 lbs.

Comments: The SEPECAT/HAL Jaguar/Shamsher forms five operational squadrons in the IAF - four strike squadrons (No.5, No.14, No.16 and No.27) operating the IS and one maritime attack squadron (No.6) operating the IM variant. The IB serves with the strike squadrons.
The IAF received its first of 35 Jaguar IS and 5 Jaguar IB aircraft in 1981 from BAe. Licensed production at HAL, saw the IAF receiving another 58 Jaguar IS, 10 Jaguar IB and 12 Jaguar IM. An additional 15 strike aircraft were ordered in 1993 and the last three aircraft were delivered to the IAF by 1999. Some sources suggest that these aircraft are actually a combination of strike and maritime attack variants.
Development continues.

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

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