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The FriedrichFiles - Eurocopter AS 350/355 Ecureuil II - AS 550/555 Fennec

Which AS 355 version is this: Which AS 350 version is this:
very similar to AS 355N, I excluded already AS 355F1, AS 355F2, AS 355F, AS 355E, AS 555AN, AS 555UN, AS 555MN, AS 555SNI already excluded AS 350BA, AS 350B2, AS 350B3, AS 550U2, AS 550A2, AS 550 C2. The red marked parts are confusing. Is this simply a false drawing of a not existing version?

Which versions of the AS 355 Ecureuil exist? Please send pictures to identify the drawings
AS 550A2 Fennec: date of first delivery?
AS 550C2 Fennec: date of first delivery?
AS 550U2: date of first delivery?
AS 555AR: date of first delivery, armament?
AS 350BB Squirrel HT.1, AS 350C AStar, AS 350L2, AS 350RM, AS 350Z, AS 355, AS 355N, AS 355SN, AS 355 SuperStar, AS 550 Fennec (ex AS 350L2), AS 550 A3, AS 550C, AS 550 M2, AS 550N2, AS 550 S2, AS 550 U3, AS 550 AR, AS 555AR, AS 555N

Answers for me ?
I seek especially for all AS 355 versions: designation, year of first delivery, equipment, purpose

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